Jump start Animation Camps for Kids

Hello, This year I am again working on putting together summer camp in community art studios. I am planning to bring more exciting theme for kids. Program includes Clay Animation, Scribe Animation, Digital Drawing and Cartoon Animation.

These camps is for kids who are interested in making movies but don’t know how or where to begin. They will all about selected animation programs. These program will help them jump start their creativity. End of the program they will know which tools use and how to make movies. After the camp they can continue their journey from home computer. 

Clay Animations:

Combine the power of clay sculpting and magic of green screen with stop animation in most exciting way. This camp is for kids who are interested in making movies but don’t know how or where to begin.

Let’s join us to create your first stop animation movie.

In this camp students will learn:

  1. How to develop 3D character / model using Clay.
  2. How to use “Green Screen”.
  3. How to Draw and import shapes for background and masking
  4. What is voiceover and how to records and add in movie
  5. How to add titles
  6. Exporting movies and make it available to view.

Scribe Animation:

Fun way to learn and create stop animation using power of digital whiteboard. In this fun activity students will design and create digital story board and short commercials for TV. Join us in this exciting camp today.

In this camp students will learn:

  1. How to draw and create character.
  2. Converting characters in to clipart using Illustrator and Inkscape
  3. Learn how to design movies based on bast seller children books.
  4. How to use digital white board
  5. How to record and synchronize voice
  6. Importing back ground and music
  7. Exporting movies

Cartoon Animation: 

This camp is ideal for Elementry and Middle High School students( Ages 7 and up). In this course, they will see their drawings come to life, as they learn the basic fundamentals of 2D and 3D animation. By learning the basics of animation, one develops an understanding of motion, weight, balance, texture, colour, and design. This will also promote the discipline and intensity required for studio work as one takes animated short films from concept to completion. Student will get access to Apple Mac Computer with all required tools and easy to follow application guided by professional artists. We will teach you how to draw and animate – easy and fun way ! also you will learn lots of short cuts and explore many ways to create and control animation. First week: Student will learn how to draw character on paper and directly on Computer using digital pen and pad. Through out week they will learn and develop skills of Digital Drawing for character building. Second Week: Students will learn and explore classical animation concept. While learning basics of animation they will develop short movies of walk cycle , jumped and anticipation. Third week: During this week student will work on special project and develop short movies based on technique they learned in last two weeks.

Find out more information at http://www.FEElartistic.org

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