Glaze it up!

This is my “we have new glaze” face!


Yes, you read that right. WE’VE GOT NEW GLAZE! I am super happy about it and you should be too. Most pottery studios offer a variety of dip glazes. Those are glazes that you dip bare pottery into instead of painting the glaze on with a brush. This can be messy, lead to uneven color, and be hard for a beginner to use. Our new glazes are called underglaze.

What is the benefit of an underglaze versus a dip glaze? Underglaze offers you one main benefit, control. Underglaze is similar to paint in consistency and works wonderfully with a paintbrush. This way, you can turn your pottery into a canvas and really get creative!

Here are a few examples of pieces made with our new underglazes. 

ALSO! ***For those of you who are more interested in glazing a piece that has been pre-made, we offer that too.

So come in and glaze it up with us 🙂

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In honor of January being Jackson Pollock’s birthday month, we are playing with his signature technique here at the studio! Abstract expressionism is so fun on so many levels. Fun to look at, fun to make. Expressionism is spontaneous and subconscious, a true expression from the mind, body, and soul.

There are so many ways that you could incorporate this splatter style into your art world. Painting, glazing, drawing, crafting, you name it – we can splat it! One of my favorite things we have made at the studio using this technique is a glazed bowl. We had a few of our students glaze their entire bowl. When the base layer was done, they took glaze on a brush and tapped it over their finger. This flung the glaze in a more controlled way.

Here is a pic! Totally rad.

One of the main reasons the abstract expressionism movement came about is because Jackson Pollock believed that the process of making art was just as important as the finished product. Both should be thoroughly enjoyed. You should have just as much fun making the piece as you do looking at the finished product, if not more.

We agree! Here at FeelArtistic Studio we believe in “mindfulness in art.”  What that means is that you live in the moment, you don’t worry about the outcome. You worry about the right now and if you are happy. You want to enjoy the journey and the process, isn’t that the whole point?!


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