Glaze it up!

This is my “we have new glaze” face!


Yes, you read that right. WE’VE GOT NEW GLAZE! I am super happy about it and you should be too. Most pottery studios offer a variety of dip glazes. Those are glazes that you dip bare pottery into instead of painting the glaze on with a brush. This can be messy, lead to uneven color, and be hard for a beginner to use. Our new glazes are called underglaze.

What is the benefit of an underglaze versus a dip glaze? Underglaze offers you one main benefit, control. Underglaze is similar to paint in consistency and works wonderfully with a paintbrush. This way, you can turn your pottery into a canvas and really get creative!

Here are a few examples of pieces made with our new underglazes. 

ALSO! ***For those of you who are more interested in glazing a piece that has been pre-made, we offer that too.

So come in and glaze it up with us 🙂

Please visit our website at


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