The Do’s & Don’ts of finding a SUMMER CAMP

Well, it’s that time of year again! Summer camp shopping time 🙂 It can be pretty overwhelming, you want the right place for the right price. Online is a great place to start, so you have already made the first step! From there, it can get complicated. Here are a few things to keep in mind before choosing where your child will spend their cherished summer break.


“One Summer Night” By Hanan -11 

DO keep in mind your child’s specific interests. Are they more outdoorsy, artsy, or both? This will make a world of difference, like they say… Time flies when you are having fun!

DON’T wait until the last minute to sign up. Most camps offer an “early bird special” to those who sign up in advance. This benefits you, and the camp. The camp can better prepare for the specific group attending and you save money! (FYI: FEELartistic offers a camp early bird special)

DO research on the camp and their staff. Do they have a BBB review? What are the credentials of the camp employees? It’s important to know who will be interacting with your child and  if they have experience. You wouldn’t want your child at an art camp run by high schoolers, or someone unqualified to teach art.

DON’T forget to read all of the information about the camp program. Can they wear open toed shoes? Should they wear clothes that can get messy? Do they need to bring a full lunch or just a snack? All of this will depend on your location, camp, and duration.

**Once you have figured out your camp and have taken care of all the Do’s & Don’ts, you are ready to do what summer is made for…RELAX 🙂


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