For DSHS/DDA clients

Art for Special Needs:

Now FEELartistic Studio is accepting DSHS/DDA clients. You may be eligible to take creative classes at our studio if you are a client of Washington State Department of Social and Health Services / Developmental Disabilities Administration. 

Why art for the Special needs? 
Research has consistently demonstrated that involvement in the arts increases student achievement across all subject areas, as well as social and adaptive skills. Part of this is due to the multi-sensory nature of the arts: memory and cognition improve when academic content is combined with color-coding, movement, rhythm, sound phrases, textures and other sensory input.

What type of art activity your studio offers?
Our art activities are based on age and experience. We offer following varieties of drawing, painting and ceramic programs for children and adults.

Activity Descriptions:
1) Open Sketch is an artistic journey from drawing to painting using traditional tools and virtual 3D space. Participants will learn how to see, draw and paint using traditional and cutting-edge techniques. Program curriculum includes inventive art lessons based on the elements of art inspired by the works of famous artists and the arts and crafts of artisans from many cultures.

2) Open Clay: What is open clay? Open clay is an artistic experience of making complicated and straightforward sculpture using Stoneware and Earthenware clay. In this activity, art Instructor will explain and give a demo about the process of making of ceramics. Stoneware or Earthenware clay with all required tools with step by step instruction will be given to each participant for the hand building a ceramic piece.

3) Wet Canvas: This is an ideal activity for those wants to explore and learn how to paint acrylic on canvas. In this session student(s) will learn fundamentals of acrylic paintings and color theory using wet mediums. You will explore one of the wet themes. Step by step instruction will be given about how to see, draw and apply acrylic on canvas.

How to reserve art session?
1) Select a Date/Time from the schedule for the art session.
2) View Details.
4) Click proceed to complete your reservation.
5) Show-up for the session.

Note: Class charges will be waived once we receive payment from the agency otherwise you will be responsible for the payment.