Open Studio

No Credit Card Required for Reservation.
Ideal for Ages 5+
One on One Teaching Model

In open studio, your child will be encouraged to explore different forms of art. Besides learning how to see, draw and paint participants will get option to involve in Ceramics, Glass Fusing and Pottery projects. Program curriculum includes creative art lessons based on the elements of art inspired by the works of famous artists and the arts and crafts of artisans from many cultures.

“The experience you will encounter in the art classes is incredible, and the benefits are unlimited. Beside excitement and joy, your child will improve creativity, motor skills, sensory development, self-esteem, discipline, pride, and confidence.”-Jay Gilani, M.A ArtEdu

Frequently Ask Questions:
Q: How many students in each class?
A: You may see few students at any given time but each one of them working on different art projects based on level and understanding.

Q: What is your teaching method?
A: We use one on one teaching method. We believe each child has a different level of potential, so they deserve individualized attention.

Q: What type techniques will be used in the art sessions?
A: We use Traditional methods of drawing and painting, Clay, Glass and Virtual Reality

Q: What are traditional techniques and how it will help my child?
A: It is a traditional way of teaching art using tangible tools and materials like Graphite, Charcoal, Pastels, Paper, Canvas, Acrylic, and Watercolor.

Q: What is virtual reality technique and how it will help my child?
A: It is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional space allows to create beautiful three-dimensional paintings using virtual paint, smoke, stars, and light. This tool will help participants to understand three dimensional and perspective drawings in a two-dimensional plane like paper and canvas.

Q: What is clay hand-building techniques and how it will help my child? 
With the use of clay, your child will learn to create a three-dimensional sculpture. This activity will move participants to a new level in design and execution. Working with clay will help children develop essential skills and competencies such as 1) To perform sensorimotor actions effectively in different contexts, 2) To affirm his/her personality, 3) To interact harmoniously with others and 3) To communicate using the resources of language and to construct his/her understanding of the world.

Q: What is Glass Fusing technique?
Glass fusing is unique art activity which will bring excitement to your child’s life. With the use of glass, your child will design and create different shapes and geometric patterns from imagination. Building from geometric imagination is an integral part of exploring spatial relations and experiencing mathematics. 

Q: How much you charge for classes?
You will be charged based on how many classes your child attend in given month. Our pro-rates are as following:

Four classes a month:   $100.00
Three classes a month:  $90.00
Two classes a month:     $70.00
One class a month:         $40.00

Q: What if I can’t attend a scheduled class?
A: Please give us call or email before class so that you will qualify for makeup class or credit per pro-rata charge.