Art of Slumped Bottle of Wine

Play with Bottle of Wine: Turned Used bottle of wine into Unique Gift of Art

You might think that wine bottle glass is as simple to recycle as paper, can and plastic, but the fact is that it has become a major problem lately. Many cities and waste management consultants have reported the issues over the past few years, but little has been done to remedy the situation and how best we can recycle or reuse glass bottles. We at FEELartistic studio uses used wine bottles every day for creative activities to turned used bottle of wine into a unique gift of glass art that can be reuse.

In these images, we have shown few of the wine glass art work and practical use.

What will we do in this session? In this fun activity, you will select a pre slumped wine bottle from our collection and create a beautiful ornamental art into the wine bottle surface using etching glass technique. Step-by-step instructions will be provided.

Who Can Attend? No experience required. Ideal artistic journey for all ages.

What to expect in this class?
1) Class with begin with an introduction about the activity.
2) Each participant will select a pre slumped wine bottle from our collection.
3) The instructor will give a step by step instructions about glass etching techniques.
4) Each of you will create beautiful ornaments or design on the surface of the slumped wine bottle.
5) At the end of the session, you can walk out with your slumped wine glass bottles.

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