Figure Sculpting : Human Torso in Clay

FIGURE Sculpting of human torso for the BEGINNERS:

The art of figure sculpting of naked torso in clay: Let’s explore the beauty of human form. The Art of Sculpting human torso in clay is a two-hour workshop, specially designed for the beginners. No prior experience required. You will learn how to create armature, how to sculpt and capture the essence of a figurative torso (no head, arms, or legs) pose using earthenware clay, news papers and wire. Join us to create a Male or Female human torso with easy to follow step by step instructions. You will learn traditional sculpting techniques, improve observational skills, as well as develop interpretation and individual artistic expression. This session is for Adults 18+ only

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Read Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions:
I do not have any sculpting experience; can I still sign up for a workshop?
Yes. This workshop mainly designs for beginners. 

Do we have to bring anything?
Nope. All material and tools will be given for in-house use.

Do you use a live model?
Not in this class. You will use the bisque clay model or 3D digital drawings of a human torso. You have the option to select a male or female model.

Can I take my sculpture home?
Yes.  It’s your art. You should take it.

Can my piece be fired?
The drying process takes several weeks.  Studio charges $15  for firing services. Please read details below*.

*Process of making art with clay includes many steps like sculpting, trimming, finishing, firing and glazing. But the good news is you don’t have to complete all these steps. After sculpting shape of a torso, you take raw creation home without even firing. Your instructor will give you more advice. Our charges for additional steps are as following:
Bisque Firing process: $10 (Optional)
Glazing & Firing: $25 (Optional)

Do I have an option not to fire my piece?
Sculptures that are left to dry and are not fired can last for years. For firing; a piece should be hollowed-out and opened fire in a ceramic kiln. We will explain the complete process in the workshop.

The Art of FIGURE Sculpting OF human torso in clay is a two-hour workshop, specially designed for the beginners.